Essential Daily Practises (EDPs)

Couple walking at sunrise on the beach

What & Why?

These are the things we do regularly that keep us vital… physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.


Moving the body. Breathing deeply. Eating to nourish yourself. Building healthy loving connections with family, friends and communities. Connecting in nature. Self reflection and self study.


These are some of the foundations on which we build our most important home, Ourselves…


As a therapist, I see the results of personal foundations that have collapsed, and how this reverberates down the line to break down relationships, families and communities.


Consider EDP’s as the cement in our foundations, the material that holds us together.


EDP’s are our resilience and immunity factors.


There is an overwhelm of information on these, but lets do what humans do best when they want to start, build and maintain a project. We create a structure. See “Simplify, Structure, Succeed” Shannah Kennedy (available at Kikki.K).


Its not complicated, just regular and consistent.


Upcoming blogs will include articles to encourage you to build your personal structure of choice. First up is ‘moving the body’.


1: Choose something you enjoy or at least feel ‘success’ after its accomplished.


2: Set it up at a regular time…we are more likely to succeed in routine! Check in with what your body needs/wants that day in terms of intensity then JUST DO IT!!! (this mantra got me out of bed until one day I was a runner, then yoga student, then yoga teacher and so the story of my movement practise goes…)


But really! A regular 45 minute walk, run, swim or class will do it unless it’s about a specific challenge your taking. The natural endorphins produced will take care of balancing your mental and emotional bodies too!…and whilst you’re in your physical body, you lose focus on any worries or moods.


Moving out in nature doubles the takings!!


Moving out in nature with others, triples it!!!


When was the last time you regretted taking that class or having that walk after it was done?


It’s the long term gains over short term inconvenience.


Happy moving!

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