What is iRest?

iRest is a unique and comprehensive set of tools for life. We will never get very far if we are not prepared to work on our internal structures to build resilience to life change and challenge. iRest teaches us that within each of us are the inner resources to stay anchored and awake whilst being shaped by change. 

iRest will introduce core concepts for personal development and deep understanding into our human nature.  

Richard Miller, the creator of iRest has drawn on the ancient wisdom philosophies of yoga and Buddhism as well as current brain science. 

iRest research studies have been conducted since 2007. Populations include veterans suffering PTSD, populations with chronic pain, symptoms of stress, sleep disturbances, and depression.

iRest was found to have improved sleep time and quality; decrease body tension and reduce depressive symptoms in participants completing a 6 week program. In terms of chronic pain iRest has been shown to be well suited to “empower patients to manage their conditions through the skills and techniques taught.”

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Core principles of iRest

The power of the ten tools of iRest rest upon these core principles.. these are the foundations upon which deep healing sits.

  • Learn to be welcoming 
  • Stop judging yourself
  • Know that everything is a messenger 
  • Accept what is 
  • Know that you are always doing your best
  • Understand the law of awareness 
  • Discover your non-separate wholeness 
  • Practise little and often