Couple Counselling

Couple Counselling brings together two individuals with two different brains and unique emotional signatures seeking the right amount of safety, to sustain individual growth and fulfilment whilst tending connection and closeness.

Individual Counselling

Deena assists individuals to be conscious of what they feel, what they desire, think, believe or perceive and how they behave. Deena addresses the causes of dysfunction, and provides the skills to live a healthier, liberated life.

Online Counselling

If you would like to book a session with Deena but don’t live locally, online therapy might be the perfect option. These sessions can be done via phone or video call for both individual counselling and relationship counselling.


iRest yoga nidra was developed in 2006 by Dr Richard Miller, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Researcher, Author, Co-Founder International Yoga Therapists, for the Walter Reed Veterans Memorial Hospital to help heal PTSD.


Deena is a teacher with Sunrise Yoga in Cronulla – an outdoor yoga that is practiced by the sea. It is Deena’s belief that the practice of yoga transforms and balances not only the physical but potentially the whole self.

Your Soul's Code

Think of your soul as your spiritual thumbprint, utterly unique for each of us. Deena Thompson has created an interactive workshop to help you unlock your soul’s desire, and provide the tools for you to live an authentic life with this knowledge.