Frequently Asked Questions

I have a strong view of us taking responsibility for our health. Most of us need to have what I refer often to as, EDP’s: ‘Essential Daily Practises’. These become our stabilising and resilience tools for living. Moderate exercise, nourishing food, adequate sleep, right thinking and emotion regulation. These last two could be addressed through a mindfulness and meditation practise.

Yes. If you haven’t already got a practise, I suggest starting with the mindfulness based stress reduction program by Jon Kabbat Zinn. Find out more at

Relationship counselling takes a birdseye view of your escalating conversation and how it disconnects you both, unlocking how your particular personalities respond not only verbally but more importantly emotionally. It is then a process to find your raw spots or triggers that escalate your conversation which are often laid down through previous emotional experiences.

The goal of relationship counselling is to deescalate and reconnect… acquiring a maturing of your emotional intelligence . Commitment to working on this is essential.

Counselling would begin productive conversations about your loss and how you are feeling about it. This will begin to relieve the emotional intensity. Establishing honestly the degree of dependency and options for treatment is the start.

Looking at putting on that oxygen mask yourself first! Good health is foundational to a good life… setting yourself up to address this needs to be a priority. Perhaps there are some barriers there? Counselling will help you in the process of identifying these and prioritising actions will then become easier.