Your Soul's Code

A workshop to uncover your soul's desires and what is required to create the momentum towards fulfilment.

Think of your soul as your spiritual thumbprint, utterly unique for each of us. This is the part of us that from birth determines our individual character, with distinct capacities, talents and challenges, as well as our inclinations & desires.

Deena Thompson has created an interactive workshop to help you unlock your soul’s desire, and provide the tools for you to live an authentic life with this knowledge.

There are four ‘soul desires’ that Deena explores:

1. Dharma: the longing for purpose. This workshop enables you to fully realise everything you are capable of and in doing so, your ability to positively affect the world.

2. Artha: the means necessary to accomplish your Dharma. This explores the physical, material, mental, emotional and spiritual resources required.

3. Kama: the desire for pleasure of all kinds. This investigates pleasures such as friendship, art and sensual pleasures.

4. Moksha: the connection with something greater than ourselves. It refers to a spiritual pathway.

In all four pillars Deena leads you through a process of questions, visualisations and physical embodiment exercises to allow you to create a connection with your soul and a plan to live a truly connected, present life.

Upcoming Workshop Dates:

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“Awareness begins with an individual’s primary relationship with themselves. Secondary to this primary relationship, is the relationship to others – be it in a couple, family or community.”

Rod Stryker