Individual Counselling

Individual Counselling & Psychotherapy

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” EE Cummings

Why Deena?

Deena is a respected psychotherapist with over 20 years’ clinical experience. Deena is a trusted professional working to help individuals navigate lifecycles, changes and personal impasses enabling them to live an authentic and fulfilled life. 

What is psychotherapy?

Often individuals are overwhelmed by disruptive symptoms with causes they do not understand. The goal of therapy is to go beneath the surface of any individual’s ‘symptoms’ (or ‘pathologies’) to locate what is causing the symptoms, dissatisfaction or dysfunction. Deena believes to know yourself is to free yourself, and works to create order out of the current experience by processing the emotions of the individual and mapping the negative cycles.

How can it work for you?

Deena assists individuals to develop an awareness of who they are and to be conscious of what they feel (for example, fears) what they desire, think, believe or perceive and how they behave.

She creates a safe space for individuals to understand what is authentic to them. Deena addresses the causes of dysfunction in a person’s life, and provides the skills to live a healthier, liberated life.

A relationship is developed between Deena and the individual to obtain this goal. Through this built attunement and trust and without judgement, Deena provides unique, tailor-made strategies to allow her clients to move forward with their lives

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