Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling & Psychotherapy

“Relational love is the urge and continuous effort for another person’s happiness and well-being. It is an art requiring effort and dedication.” The Forgotten Art of Love… Armin A Zadeh

Why Deena?

Deena Thompson is a Psychotherapist specialising in Couple & Relationship Counselling.

Couples come to Deena often stuck at an impasse where despondency has grown and communication has broken down. This can happen after a significant event or change in lifestyle: be it birth, death, affair, other losses or simply stress or boredom in current life style. Generally, this leads to an experience of dissatisfaction and hopelessness both individually and within the relationship. Deena provides professional intervention to restore connection and communication so that underlying issues can be discussed. Deena believes there must be an essential foundation of care and respect when building an authentic loving relationship.


Relationship Counselling brings together two individuals with two different brains and unique emotional signatures seeking the right amount of safety, to sustain individual growth and fulfilment whilst tending connection and closeness. Challenges come with a need for flexibility to ride inevitable changes over the lifespan of the relationship. Growth and connection happen in using challenge and change as a vehicle for the relationship to stay alive and healthy.


Deena collaborates with couples to identify the important life events, individuals’ unique skillsets and current emotional experiences. She then coaches individuals to develop effective communication skills allowing the reality of the breakdown to emerge.

Through her four pillar process Deena identifies current areas of tension and emotions individuals are experiencing and explores the values, beliefs and expectations of each partner. The outcome is that this process builds consciousness around what is happening in the relationship, and navigates areas that have a shown tendency to lead to dysfunction. This leads to a mature relationship and the enjoyment of a joint meaningful life path.

Deena’s four pillar approach to providing a foundation for a healthy relationship includes:

1. Communication: Facilitating how to communicate and develop skills in talking, listening and seeking to understand all parties in a relationship.

2. Decision-Making: Understanding what job each party is fulfilling, and if that is meeting the needs of the relationship.

3. Power Hierarchy: Cultivating and establishing a union based on respect.

4. Intimacy: The cherishing of both individuals in a relationship by establishing shared rituals of affection and intimacy.

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