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Your Greatest Ally is within you!

“I learned a long time ago the wisest thing I can do is be on my own side, be an advocate for myself.” – Maya Angelou, author and activist.

These words reinforce my observations of the more content and fulfilled people I know.

They are genuine self-advocates not in the ,let me tell you how great I am kind but the kind that say little of their achievements. Its apparent they are the quiet achievers who are not fuelled by habits of self-sabotage. You may find them laughing lightly at their mistakes but in the next breath they are doing the work of repair and upskilling. They are not the victims of the world who keep themselves under, by self-criticism and undisciplined distraction.

Life is a series of ebbs and flow, both internally and externally. We will feel directionless, and overwhelmed, sometimes . This is when we need to remember we have within us the very ally we need to befriend. Often our default is to look outside of ourselves to something or someone. The benefits are usually short lived and sometimes addictive. The alternative is to refer to our own ‘inner hero’.

How do we shape our default to our ‘inner hero’ rather than ‘inner critic or inner victim’?

The source of inspiration for my answer is from author and activist, Jean Houston. She has made it her life’s work to understand what it takes for a human to rise to their highest potential and shows us the process to get there. In an interview with mediation guru, Deepak Chopra she insists “You are your own myth, the hero, the author”.*Podcast…Infinite Potential, Deepak Chopra with Jean Houston.

Jean states, as humans we are ‘acts of imagination’ we create ourselves and the lives we lead. She believes we operate in three realms. 1: The local self, which goes about the acts of daily living. 2: The Imaginal self, the part that we employ to write and rewrite our lived out narratives. 3: The Higher self, the intuitive, wise, god like self that speaks to us of the inherent meaning behind how we live our lives.

The process: 1: keep FOCUS through awareness of how your local self, lives daily. Is it fulfilling? Is your inner hero or inner victim running the show?

2: Are you employing your Imaginal self to write your daily outgoing story, keeping tabs on acts of self-sabotage and how you slay them?

3: How are you getting access to your greater good? The soul director of your story?

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